From our family's farm to your family's table!
          We grow and pick a wide variety of the freshest fruits and vegetables. The following is a list of fruits and vegetables sold at our farm and/or at the Market Square.
          If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

PRODUCE Availability
  Apples Year Round  
  Pears August - March  
Apricots July
Peaches Mid July - September
  Plums July - August  
  Sweet and Sour Cherries July  
  Watermelon August - September  
  Muskmelon July - September  
  Onions August - December  
  Sweet Potatoes September - March  
  Potatoes July - April  

August - December  
  Field Tomatoes August - September  
  Quince October  
  Blueberries July- August  
  Raspberries June - July
(Market Square only
or upon request)
  Strawberries June - July
(Market Square only
or upon request)
  Sweet Corn July - August
(Market Square only
or upon request)
  Oranges and Grapefruit December - March  

Please note that the dates are only approximate.


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